LED Lighting

LED Lighting 
Save Energy - Save Money
ARB Electrical Ltd specialise in design and installation of LED lighting. Over the last few years we have carried out hundreds of installations with LED panels, baton fittings and replacement retrofit fluorescent tubes; we also use LED for 90% of external installations and repairs.

The most prominent advantage of LEDs is of course their superior energy efficiency. Unlike typical incandescent bulbs that lose 80% of their energy to heat, LED bulbs run cool, only losing between 10-20% of their energy to heat, which not only means significant savings on your energy bills but that they are much safer too. The absent danger of burnt fingers makes this form of lighting ideal for a range of applications. The reduction in temperature also means they are less likely to explode.

As well as being considerably more energy efficient, LEDs also have a much longer life span. Naturally the expected lifetime of any bulb depends on the variety bought, but generally speaking LED lightbulbs last up to 50,000 hours in comparison to just 2,000 hours of an incandescent lamp. This of course can amount to further savings when it comes to avoiding replacements, not to mention the hassle of changing your lights as often.

Examples of Energy Savings

Replacing a traditional light bulb with an LED of the same brightness will save you about £3 to £6 per year.

LEDs are available to fit most fittings and are particularly good for replacing spotlights and dimmable lights. By replacing all bulbs in your home with LED alternatives, you could save about £35 a year on your electricity bills.

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